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I am a person who tries to get better every time. Being a web developer is something interesting and challenging, and having this challenge, makes me happy!

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My self in Medellín

This is a beautyfull place to visit in Medellín

Life things

Just a moment

I would love to have a moment to take you by the hand and tell you that I love you, a moment to forget about everyone, look into your eyes and plant a kiss, a moment where I forget the whole world, a moment without stopping looking at you and seeing you blush, a moment without thinking about anything else but how our breathing is synchronized ...

Just a moment, just a place, to take your hand and never let go, a moment that lasts more than just an hour or a few minutes, I want a moment that is renewed with every step you take and your hand with mine to always link, in sickness and in health without letting us be defeated.

I want a moment with you that we can renew with every step we take on this long walk.

No matter when it starts because after that moment we will never be apart, for we will be one without sin, or past, we will be you and me, my beloved, together forever, in a moment, without end...

Written by: Paula Sosa May 23 of 2022

sunny day

One sunny day!

The Hands

A few years ago while I was at a point of maximum depression, before I had my current partner, before finishing my degree, maybe 8 years ago I was sitting in front of my computer doing university work and I felt very bad, I went to the bathroom and suddenly I remembered a phrase from a man that I had heard saying, I have my hands and that is enough and then I remember looking at my hands and thinking about how small they were but when I looked at them carefully, I realized that they had grown, already They weren't those little balls that picked up colors and tried to draw with graphite, they were big, wide and heavy, they were the biggest hands I'd seen in a long time and they were mine.

I remember spending more than an hour detailing them, their marks, their color, their scars because if I have scars on my hands, seeing how the veins ran through the whole hand because in my hands you can see my veins even the smallest ones, they say it's because of my hypoglycemia, but they look the same and that was a spectacle for me at that time, and now, gentlemen, I wasn't drugged, I was only detailing something about myself that I hadn't seen for years, that day I discovered myself, I realized how much I had grown, I opened my eyes to reality, I was not that little girl who helped in the pastoral care of the church, I was the oldest, I was taller than my sister, I was one of the first in my family to go live in another place to study, He was big, strong and responsible.

It was me who had achieved those things, it was me who was burning the midnight oil to get ahead, it was me who was fighting at every step to go further, it wasn't my mom or my sister doing it for me, my dad was no longer there to defend me from the bullies or my mom changing schools for the same reason, it was me who was there, defending myself tooth and nail from a world that wanted me ignorant, lost and obedient, it was me who was with that pain in the soul of not to be studying another career, but at the same time I was the only one capable of achieving that career and I looked in the mirror and I didn't see myself the same as how I saw myself in the morning, I didn't feel the same.

Looking at my hands made me realize how big it was, the responsibilities that this entailed, but above all, I realized how much I could achieve if I put my mind to it, and every time from then on I felt bad, sad, desolate, watching my life go by, I paused for a moment, looked at my hands and that filled me with encouragement. Today I see my hands and I no longer only see all the good things I could do, today I see mistakes, I see my past, I see what they have touched, what they have stopped touching, I see how now they have new scars but also how they are still big and How can I manage to fix what has to be fixed and improve what is better, in my life, in my world and in that of my family.

Today I see new challenges, new alliances, a new future, a future full of risks, new challenges, perhaps mistakes, but also lessons, I see a future of Me against the world!, of Me fighting for a better tomorrow !, I see an unattainable challenge but when I think it is unattainable, I take a pause in my life, I look at the sky, I look around, and I look at my hands, I meditate looking at them again, and I start again.

Because life is there for that, for challenges, to fight, to insist, to achieve it and celebrate, and then start again, to thank the strength of my hands is little, because they hardly have strength, but they have the necessary agility, to combine with my mind and write so much until it hurts and keep writing because everything that comes from the hands will be good, it will be impossible, but it will be achievable.

Written by Paula Sosa MAY 12, 2021 00:42

Beautyfull nature

This is the most beautyfull place for my self

Partners in crime

Complicity is something really surprising, it is so rare to find someone to whom with just a look, a moment of silence, you can tell everything you feel and what you want, without saying a single word. Even that person gets to know you so much, more than yourself, and gives you those supportive steps to move forward without you realizing it.

I'm not talking about a couple, it's obvious, not debatable, that you must have certain complicity of who you love and who loves you back. In some way, you complement each other and you end up having something similar to the complicity I'm talking about, but no, it's not the same person, because the accomplice I'm talking about is the one you would call to hide a body.

And we're not talking about the real dead, I'm talking about secrets, those sins that you don't tell anyone else, I'm talking about those moments of greatest shame, where you don't know what to do and that person saves you. I'm talking about that person who is thousands of miles away and calls you just to tell you, "Hey, I needed to listen to you and I know you need to listen to me too", about that person with whom you can talk for hours on the phone and tell them about life and never speak again in 10 months; Even so, continue the conversation right where you left off because she is your accomplice, she knows and remembers everything about you, just like you do about her or him.

It is not easy to find them, much less keep them, because yes, you can have “temporary” accomplices, they are those who pretend to be that person you trust so much and when you least expect it they make you cry. When they move away for x or y reason they forget that accomplices are until death, no matter what happens, they must keep your secrets, as you keep theirs. But they forget and they have a weapon in their favor, they know how to hurt you, they know what hurts you the most, and they use it.

Some time later you discover that inside you, deep inside your heart, you are going to hate them, because you were too fragile a being in their hands, and yet they used all their knowledge about you to break you.

Over time your scars heal, and you see the positive of their distance, but those "temporary" accomplices are useless, only the real ones, the real ones are what many people call "your best friend". I have very good best friends, I have a lot of trust with them and I love them very much; I had a few "temporary" accomplices, but "Accomplice" in every sense of the word, I only have one, and with her, it is more than enough, because it is preferable to have a true accomplice, than many "temporary" in your life.

And you, how many people in your life can you consider your accomplices?

Written by Paula Sosa May 13, 2022

Guatape viewpoint

This is one of the beautiful views from the Guatape viewpoint

Places to see


A beautiful place, it is not described only with words, but I will try...

Stone paths, colored houses, and figures on the walls, called "Zócalos", tell stories like the hieroglyphics of prehistoric times, but much more colorful, stylized, and protected.

Exactly protected because Guatapé is one of those beautiful little towns that do not deserve to be changed or they would lose that colonial charm that accompanies it. It is an iconic place that cannot be missed by any tourist who arrives in the Antioquia area. Entering Guatapé is feeling like you go back in time walking through its streets, the church, the paths within the town, everything combines, everything makes every step you take unforgettable.

Perhaps you have already traveled, a mountain, a forest, a long road of hours, but getting to Guatapé is not easy, and that makes getting there even more beautiful. It is a place between the mountains and the dam where many would like to travel often just to admire it, but some Colombians get to visit it only a couple of times in their lives.

You can arrive by motorcycle, car or public transport, depending on your preference, but I warn you it is much better in your transport so that you can make technical stops along the way, not only to rest but also so that you can appreciate the beauty of the dam and take the photos that you like the most of the Peñol stone because on the way to Guatapé we find the town of Peñol, which has the great Peñol stone. Climbed for the first time, by Mr. Luis Eduardo Villegas López in 1954 together with his friends Pedro Nel Ramírez and Ramón Díaz between July 12 and 16 of that same year, for the challenge of a Parish Priest.

It is popularly known that a challenged Colombian is like a whirlwind just released and this happened to Don Eduardo and his friends, today they are recognized worldwide and Colombians thank them personally I thank them for taking on this challenge, not giving up, and achieving that today, thanks to them, it is a tourist place by which Colombia is recognized abroad.

After a certain age you not only appreciate your life, you start an internal discovery and this inevitably leads you to travel, it is very popular that this is within your homeland, to know your roots and Guatapé is this little lost world that you would like to visit every Weekend.

I have had the opportunity to visit the Peñol stone twice in my life 2014 and 2022, the difference is abysmal:

- Is the stone the same? Yes.

- Is the road just as difficult? No, they did road reforms both to get there and to have a place available to park.

- Did I like the changes? Not all of them, the parking lot is a very good thing, but they include restaurants on the second floors that cover part of the stone, so if you want a complete photo you should already be right next to the stone or go up to the terraces of these restaurants where you They charge to go up to take your picture. And I do not like that.

- Would you go to the Peñol stone again? Yes, definitely. That rock is my biggest challenge, the two times I've been there I haven't felt able to climb it, so now I'm preparing myself physically and psychologically, if my dad could do it, I can too!

The last question does not only apply to the Peñol stone, it applies to Guatapé and to all the places that I have discovered and will discover, beautiful places, within one of the countries with the largest flora and fauna on the planet, My beautiful Colombia. I invite you to discover it!

Guatape name

This is a beautyfull place to visit close to Medellín

number one man

The number one man to climb the Peñol stone